Eternia - Windrider sagas

Session Three: Fuseblasted?

The party arrived and docked at Fuseblasts station without any problems. Much too their relief, but it was oddly silent inside there, some crewmembers went their own way on their shore leave, but the bulk of the crew went too find Fuseblast. Or more specifically, his son. They were planning too cash in a favor that the son owed them. They went too the reception only too find a dead gnome, and soon after turrets appeared and shot at anything that moved. But thanks too the party’s efforts they got past that obstacle, it was also here they got reunited with Clash Magnum, a crew member thought dead with the rest. They shortly after arrived in what seemed like a gigantic workshop, after they unfortunately were unable to mimic Fuseblasts voice too not initiate security, they made a run for it after some moments of attempted stealth. They all barely made it as they were literally tossed into safety by a springloaded elevator. The room they arrived too seemed like some sort of lounge, it was however corpses all over the floor and security went berserk on them after they got poisoned with some horrid stench. The party dealt with the security golems. Which proved too be easier said than done, but they eventually found their weakness and abused it horribly. They then arrived at a kitchen, it seemed like it was set up like a show. The party took the chance too eat and rest up, but unfortunaly one of them managed too anger a storm elemental that was hiding inside a robot…

Session 2: Night at town

The Aurora set for Rovograd to receive their payment and celebrate a job well done. Captain Kazane and First mate Ratchet would negotiate payment while the crew got shore leave for two days.

The group explored Rovograd for a while until everyone eventually met up at a tavern to drink and have fun. It didn’t take them long until a bar fight was started over a dispute between Clash and Dex that dragged everyone into it. The gang punched and kicked their way through the bar (while Clash was flirting with a wench) and at the end stood victorious until the bar-owner fired off a warning shot to signal the end of the brawl.

The next day the gang looked around the many markets of Rovograd and got to experience Drow capitalism at it’s best first hand. When the day was over they all rested up before setting out on a new thrilling voyage, and who knows maybe there will even be some loot on the way.

Session 1: Open with a bang

The Bhaal Consortium starts its advance on Dawnforge Fortress, but the Aurora has other objectives. Instead of attacking the fortress directly their single mission was to incapasitate the <insert-dwarven-ship-name-here>.

Closing up on the ship, the Aurora was barely able to dent the brass coating of the larger command-vessel wiht its cannons, so Captain Kazane ordered a boarding party to make a bomb-delivery at the ships Arcane Core.

Dropped down on the deck, the boarding-party started moving the bomb in place. It was split up into two groups, as there was a gattling-cannon on deck that needed taking care of. Mr. Piwin and “Twin Grin” Higgs were set the task of disabling it.

Meanwhile; Mr. Magnum, 1st mate Harris and Mr. Blackwind had to denft of a couple of Marine-dwarves armed with musket-axes, outdated but deadly. They did manage to dispatch them and get the bomb in place with the core.

On the deck Mr. Piwin and “Twin Grin” dispatched the gunners and then turned the gattling-cannon on the ship’s own crew, killing the captain and his retinue, ripping the steering mechanism to shreds in the process.

After bailing of the exploding ship and getting picked up by the Aurora, they proceeded to aid the delivery of a bio-bomber ship into the fortress, effectively killing every dwarf, woman and child aboard the fortress.

Teh session ended with the Aurora sailing into the sunset, course set for Rovograd, central hub of the Bhaal Consortium. Money for the job awaited.

Intro: The Saga Begins

The saga begins as the SS Aurora Borealis and her crew prepares for engagement against Dawnforge Fortress, a well defended Dwarven fortress under the protection of the iron-bound Steelhammer State.

The Aurora is not alone, however. She is currently hired by the Bhaal Consortium along many other humam-comandeered vessels to aid them in the capture of the forge. There have been rumours about the Consortium turning on their employees, so the many mercenary ships find themselves in a precarious position; Take the risk for tons of gold, or pass on a possible venture of a ifetime.

The first tale of the saga is about five unlikely heroes and how they worked to make a little piece of Eternia their own. Check your flaps and fasten your straps; the five first Windriders are about to soar.

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