Eternia - Windrider sagas

Session Three: Fuseblasted?

The party arrived and docked at Fuseblasts station without any problems. Much too their relief, but it was oddly silent inside there, some crewmembers went their own way on their shore leave, but the bulk of the crew went too find Fuseblast. Or more specifically, his son. They were planning too cash in a favor that the son owed them. They went too the reception only too find a dead gnome, and soon after turrets appeared and shot at anything that moved. But thanks too the party’s efforts they got past that obstacle, it was also here they got reunited with Clash Magnum, a crew member thought dead with the rest. They shortly after arrived in what seemed like a gigantic workshop, after they unfortunately were unable to mimic Fuseblasts voice too not initiate security, they made a run for it after some moments of attempted stealth. They all barely made it as they were literally tossed into safety by a springloaded elevator. The room they arrived too seemed like some sort of lounge, it was however corpses all over the floor and security went berserk on them after they got poisoned with some horrid stench. The party dealt with the security golems. Which proved too be easier said than done, but they eventually found their weakness and abused it horribly. They then arrived at a kitchen, it seemed like it was set up like a show. The party took the chance too eat and rest up, but unfortunaly one of them managed too anger a storm elemental that was hiding inside a robot…



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