Eternia - Windrider sagas

Intro: The Saga Begins

The saga begins as the SS Aurora Borealis and her crew prepares for engagement against Dawnforge Fortress, a well defended Dwarven fortress under the protection of the iron-bound Steelhammer State.

The Aurora is not alone, however. She is currently hired by the Bhaal Consortium along many other humam-comandeered vessels to aid them in the capture of the forge. There have been rumours about the Consortium turning on their employees, so the many mercenary ships find themselves in a precarious position; Take the risk for tons of gold, or pass on a possible venture of a ifetime.

The first tale of the saga is about five unlikely heroes and how they worked to make a little piece of Eternia their own. Check your flaps and fasten your straps; the five first Windriders are about to soar.



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