Eternia - Windrider sagas

Session 1: Open with a bang

The Bhaal Consortium starts its advance on Dawnforge Fortress, but the Aurora has other objectives. Instead of attacking the fortress directly their single mission was to incapasitate the <insert-dwarven-ship-name-here>.

Closing up on the ship, the Aurora was barely able to dent the brass coating of the larger command-vessel wiht its cannons, so Captain Kazane ordered a boarding party to make a bomb-delivery at the ships Arcane Core.

Dropped down on the deck, the boarding-party started moving the bomb in place. It was split up into two groups, as there was a gattling-cannon on deck that needed taking care of. Mr. Piwin and “Twin Grin” Higgs were set the task of disabling it.

Meanwhile; Mr. Magnum, 1st mate Harris and Mr. Blackwind had to denft of a couple of Marine-dwarves armed with musket-axes, outdated but deadly. They did manage to dispatch them and get the bomb in place with the core.

On the deck Mr. Piwin and “Twin Grin” dispatched the gunners and then turned the gattling-cannon on the ship’s own crew, killing the captain and his retinue, ripping the steering mechanism to shreds in the process.

After bailing of the exploding ship and getting picked up by the Aurora, they proceeded to aid the delivery of a bio-bomber ship into the fortress, effectively killing every dwarf, woman and child aboard the fortress.

Teh session ended with the Aurora sailing into the sunset, course set for Rovograd, central hub of the Bhaal Consortium. Money for the job awaited.



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