Eternia - Windrider sagas

Session 2: Night at town

The Aurora set for Rovograd to receive their payment and celebrate a job well done. Captain Kazane and First mate Ratchet would negotiate payment while the crew got shore leave for two days.

The group explored Rovograd for a while until everyone eventually met up at a tavern to drink and have fun. It didn’t take them long until a bar fight was started over a dispute between Clash and Dex that dragged everyone into it. The gang punched and kicked their way through the bar (while Clash was flirting with a wench) and at the end stood victorious until the bar-owner fired off a warning shot to signal the end of the brawl.

The next day the gang looked around the many markets of Rovograd and got to experience Drow capitalism at it’s best first hand. When the day was over they all rested up before setting out on a new thrilling voyage, and who knows maybe there will even be some loot on the way.



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