Dexter Piwin

"Life is short, let's enjoy it while we can."


Dex Is roughly 6 feet tall, he’s well tanned and his hair is long and is knotted up into a long ponytail, there are traces of his hair beeing dyed before. He’s got a athletic build and seems fairly relaxed. His left eye got a eyepatch covering it for reasons he is reluctant on sharing. Another trademark is his long black scarf he keeps around at all times. It has several holes and seems tattered but he holds the scarf with great affection. His left shoulder also got a intricate tatto. But on his right shoulder is the brother in arms tatto that looks like >must watch pic again to remember<.>s Journal]] among other things. His gloves are only fingerless on the index finger. His prefered combat style is a mix between scimitar and a revolver, but he keeps a pair of both around should the situation demand a different armament.


Born on the New Hope, he lived in the slums with his parents. His father a prostitute and his mother a wench at a tavern. He never liked it there, often beeing beaten up by other kids. Most of his childhood was spent working in a brothel, not as a prostitute but helping the prostitutes get ready and such. There he picked up a thing or two about how to seduce people, unfortunately still young when told this these noble techniques are only a vague memory. He was about eight when his parents died to a elf who had gotten impregnated by his father, enraged the elf killed his parents but never found Dex, thanks to the prostitutes who hid him from her. But he could not stay with them forever and they cashed in favors and got him sent into a pilot academy. There he was taught how to fend for himself and how to work his way around intricated machinery. But the funding he got from the prostitutes could only keep him there for two years, so at the age of ten he was all alone again, he did not want to trouble his friends so he returned to the other side of the slums on the New Hope. One day he stumbled upon a woman who was actually fighting on pair with two opponents at the same time.

He was mesmerized over her fluent motions with the curved blades. After having beaten them and shoo’ed them off she noticed Dex who was looking at her in awe. It took him a moment to snap out of it, but then he ran over to her and begged her to help him fight like she. She refused at first, but a couple of weeks with Dex begging and crying for help she finally agreed. So he was given dance lessons, ways to optimize every movement with your body and how to pierce with curved blades. After a few days of training him and noticing his potential she gave him her name “Aliessa”. She was a very strict teacher and every day told him these move’s should never be used to kill anyone. Eight years later she had grown very fond of the little guy and started calling him Dex, instead of his full name. So one day Dex was doing a small errand when he noticed a woman beeing beat up in a alleyway, refusing to let this go he rushed in and told them to stop, it escalated into a fight between blades and he was scared he’d might die for a stupid thing like this. He then accidentally got one of them in the throat and he fell lifeless, the others raged and continuted their attacks. Eventually they were all wounded to the point they were bleeding, the one he tried to save had run off at the first chance.

Unable to help them he rand back to Aliessa and told her everything. She was so angry she took him into a neckhold and pierced out his left eye with a dagger, Dex was shocked and terrified and could only scream until he fell unconscious. When he came to he was alone. He swore to never use the style he was taught with scimmitars to kill people. Now he only wanted to get out of there, so took his first chance at getting off New Hope on a mercenary ship, he prays every night Aliessa will forgive him, she was his real mother he told himself, and bad children get’s disciplined. So he sold his old scimitars which he loved. He had even had “D + A = Love” on the pair. He then got himself a pair of cutlasses instead, he tries to avoid using the style he’s been taught when wielding both, but the lessons stuck. And it tore him apart. His combat style changed as much as possible to adapt to any situtation during his career as a mercenary.

Dexter Piwin

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