Tom "Twin Grin" Higgs

"Someone carved a smile into him, I reckon whoever wielded the knife is none too happy the bastard lived. Now e's lookin to return the favour..""



Mr. Higgs is a tall and broadly built man, standing at 191cm and weighin’ 95kg, with medium length brown hair held in place by a headband. He’s got light blue eyes and leathery, weathered skin, and more nicks, cuts and scars than a healthy human should. His face is covered by a suprisingly well kept beard. Both his arms are covered with runic tatooes, from elbow to knuckles, as well as a “brothers in arms” type tatoo on his right upper arm.

Higgs dresses in the practical garments of a windrider; tough brown leather boots, loose fitting dark brown woolen pants, a green woolen undershirt and brown leather vest, with a cuffed overcoat reaching down to his knees. His hands are covered by fingerless leather gloves with woolen inlays. When earning his bread as a privateer he dons a steel breastplate for protection, and fights with revolver, longsword and shield.


Like many other mercs Higgs is able to keep focus on himself and his fellow crewmembers’ needs, and to put them before the needs of those that might get hurt during jobs. However, he is neither without empathy or a conscience, but over time he has learned to shut out those feelings when they might jeopardise the mission at hand, resulting in a seemingly cold and brutal exterior. Not without a certain sense of humour, though would be considered twisted by most members of the gentry.

A childhood spent in hostile slum enviornments has made him accustomed to the brutality of life, and he is as such not afraid to use violence to solve a problem, nor is he hesitant about killing those who might threaten himself or his comrades. Higgs aknowledges the fact that he makes his way in the world by killing others, but denies deriving any pleasure from the act of killing itself. Contrary to his words he despises murderers and psychopaths, and others who kill as a source of amusement and pleasure. He also disapproves of excessive and unnecesarily violent acts, stating that “killing people for a living warrants a certain level of professionalism”.


“My name is Higgs. Some people call me “Twin Grin”, though unless yer blind I shouldn’t have to explain that one. Like a lot of other sorry sods I grew up on “New Hope”. Ironically one o’ the worst shitholes you could ever think of. I survived, not because I was tougher or smarter than the other street urchins and whoresons that roamed around. No mate, I survived because I was lucky. But luck will only get you so far……and that’s why I signed up with the first crew o’ windriders looking for someone to swab their decks. Might sound like rough work for a little kid, but trust me, it was better than waking up with a blade in my ribs or getting diddled by some nut with a taste for fresh pricks.

Bit another kid’s ear off just to get onboard. The captain expected hard work, and that’s exactly what he got. The only reason I’ve managed to stay alive this long, is by being a better killer than those I fight. The only thing that seperates me from the madmen who pull people’s entrails out and cut throats in the slums is the quality o’ gear and the fact that I get paid better."

Tom "Twin Grin" Higgs

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