Dexter Piwin's Journal

In these yellow parchment pages ink is spilled on the side with splatters and it smells of ink. The handwriting is fine and precise.

-Entry one.

“Things went fairly well today, we lost some good men, but we dealt with a lot of dwarves. Again I got shouted at by the first shipmate. It seems to happen often, I guess I still need to shape up and realize I’m in a crew now and not a single man. But things REALLY got out of hand when the dwarven fortress turned invisible, luckily dwarves are not subtle and still revealed their position by still shooting around. He shot four blue balls in hope to stop it until the bio bomb reached it, it all worked off, but Blackwind all of sudden got golden teeths… Is this what can happen with the blue balls? Even Clash’s bucklar turned into Mithral! Mithral! That’s more than we earn in a year. But I finally got to see Higg’s combat prowress up close, and boy was it a sight, he took direct fire from a wandgun and still stood afterwards. So now we are returning to get paid. I can’t wait for shore leave. I need to relieve some stress.”

-Entry two.

“After we arrived in Rovograd we all got our standard wages, most of it was spent at a tavern, it escalated into a barbrawl though at some point, managed to knock out two drunks while flirting with this cute little woman, she seemed to know some martial arts so I naturally kept on the defensive, as I had the upper hand the time of fun and joy was over and we all went to sleep at a inn, the little woman disappeared though, wonder where she went? The next day we got the payload, its was alot of money, most of it spent on a beautiful necklace. When I put it on the skin seemed somehow tighter and firmer, it feels good to wear it, makes me feel younger than I actually am. After that we slept and went back to the ship. We then were assigned with the noble mission of escorting some knife eared nobles. One of them was cute though, would not mind sharing her thoughts about human endurance. Also the Cap got my magazine, costed me five silver. Was not even halfway through it. Bollucks as Tom would’ve said.”

-Entry Three.

" The day of the crash." We got ambushed by some cloaked figures this today, a sharpshooter claimed the Captains life. Not long after while mourning an explosion came from the captains quarters. It must’ve ruined something important as the ship started falling, we started to move towards the boats, only too meet another bomb. I was uncertain of how long time we had to disable it so I didn’t dare, the gunner chief took a shot at it and it blew up after a small triggering sounds. It was booby trapped. We shortly fell even faster and as we attampted to speed up the power of the core crystal we descended into… The Smog.

“The day after the crash.” The smog is quiet, cold and eerie, only me, gunner chief, Gnawtooh, Craig and two others survived. Craig had unfortunaly lost the ability to speak, no wonder after the strike he suffered the day before. Atleast I think it was a day before.

“Two days after the crash.” We had explored the other day and discovered we were actually on a gigantic statue. We also discovered a eagle, luckily they understood Auran which I picked up a long time ago from that elf. Who would’ve known it would come too use? I also assumed the position as acting captain for the lack of a leader in the crisis.

“Third day after the crash.” I was inside the statue, it was hollow! And there I found a mechanism that allowed me to control the arms! It was magical I believe since it released me when I willed it. I shortly after moving the arm to head fetched the others. We then explored more and found the energy core. I was sent down there and I think the statue spoke to me, “Titan” it called itself I think. It could send incredible pain throughout my body as it spoke but I somehow managed to grasp out a small chest in the middle of floating goob. As I touched it my hands melted and sort of fused with the small chest and it slowly covered my entire body. While my hands were in pain I turned off the anti-magic shield in hope atleast my friends could make it out of the Smog. I slowly came too later and everything had a blue tint too it. It was weird and I had too get out of there, I slowly made my way to the top and met up with my friends, they said my eyes were blue now. Odd thing that."

“Three weeks after the crash.” We’ve now made progress and the Aurora is able too fly again. During our stay we were with the giant eagle, it proved great company despite the lack of communication. Now as we can just fly, it is not able to handle fighting at all. So we’ll need money… and there is only one man… Or gnome that I know that is able to borrow us that amount of money… I just pray it won’t be a catch.

- Entry Four

Well shit, what do you know, it was a catch. Still need too reach the damn bastard! His father’s station has gone haywire and he did seem a tad… Pyschotic. But so far so good, we mostly seem too be he holding up and we ran into Clash, lucky thing that. But I get this feeling he’s not a very honest man. Not that it matters, his help is appriciated. For now we got a few goals only though. None of us dies, we grab the damned gnome, and get the money and then we leave. Worst case I’ll hold his dog hostage. Little runt.

Dexter Piwin's Journal

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