Hero Cards

We use Swashbuckling Cards as a variation to Pathfinder’s own optional Hero Points system.

Hero Cards are awarded for various activities including:

  • Complete a written background and optionally include a pivotal event that may come to pass which could award an additional Hero Card.
  • Active involvement on this site such as completing and keeping your character information up to date, creating character journals, and filling in information on the wiki as you gain additional lore.
  • Complete a major plot arc.
  • Display a great act of faith (though this could be temporary if granted by a deity for the task at hand).
  • Perform an exceptionally heroic act.
  • Gain a character level.
  • Occassionally a card may be granted out of generosity for out of character acts, such as being prompt on your turn or being the only one to pay attention.

Hero Cards are retained by the player in the event of a character’s death, though no more than three cards can be possessed at one time. If you gain a card and you already have three, you may draw one but then must discard one of your choice.

Cards may be played at certain times during the game based on the text of the card. When played follow the instructions on the card to gain its benefit (or possible drawback).

Feats (except Luck of Heroes), spells, and magic items (except Ring of Heroes) are all valid and grant Hero Cards rather than Hero Points.

Hero Cards

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