Craig Blackwind


Craig wears a breast plate and a mitrhal long sword and a dagger. he always have a second dagger hidden under his clothes should a situasion occur and he needs a weapon fast.


craig was born and raised by his mother on new hope.
craig was 10 when craig and his father got attacked by a gang of people craig knew little about why they had got attacked but when he came to he was all bruised up and had a broken arm he saw his father’s body next to him lifeless. 6 year’s later craig had gotten the job of retriving money from people that had not paid back at the time they should, to a loan shark called mr. cage. after working for him a year he found out his father had been loaning money from mr. cage and thats they had been attacked and the reason of his fathers death was because of Mr. cage. full of hate boiling in craigs veins he knew he had to take cage out in silence unless he would die him self. he trained ways to get a dagger out quick from out his clothes and managed to get hold of a bow. knowing a bow is nothing compared to a gun but a bow would be more quiet. craig was confident he would be able to take down some guards in silence with it before he could get up to cage. he contiued working for cage for 2 year training and planig his revenge.
when the time came he felt he had his chance he put his plan in to action. after taking down some of the cages guards he used the bow to shoot an arrow into the head of the guard, guarding mr. cage’s office silently he walk towards the office open the door and managed to get close to cage and stab him in the heart. enjoing the felling of taken down the person behind his father’s death he sudenly felt a wet and warm sensation running down his stomach when he looked down he could see a smoking gun in cage’s hand. lokking down on himself he saw a red spot growing on his clothes. in the realisasjon of getting shot craig took a lot of money from cage and managed to get out and patch him self up. thinking he could never come back he bought a ticket out and managed to travel to a drow city were he bought the mitrhal sword to remember how he managed to pull of the near impossible task to take down the loan shark. thinking he could manage to make a living of pulling of tasks like this he took job on the merc ship Aurora

Craig Blackwind

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